President of conference Satir in Europe
Dr. JOHN BANMEN, R. Psych., RMFT, Canada
The conference is held in collaboration
with the STEP Academy



From symptom to healthy balance within, between and among

June 11th, 2021, from 12.00 to 20.00 CET



  Steven Buckbee, Michael Dupont

Applications of the Mandala as it relates to the iceberg and the Process of change

The Mandala is a framework to explore the concept of human universals. The Iceberg is a teaching tool which offers a universal view of the inter-physic world of humans. We will show the integration of these concepts with a beautiful model called the "Process of change". We will demonstrate how this trio of concepts offer a way of teaching how to make contact with others in deep and healing way.

    Miriam Freeman, Valerie McGaha, Cynthia Spray, Louis Vetri

The Satir Coaching and Mentoring Specialist Program

In this session, we will discuss the Satir Coaching and Mentoring Specialist Program developed by Sharon Loeschen, MSW, and offered through The Virginia Satir Global Network. As a result of this session you will learn more about the transformation process that guides the work of Satir coaches and mentors and about tools relevant to facilitating change in this process. There will be three co-presenters joining Dr. Freeman: Cynthia Spray, Valerie McGaha and Louis Vetri.

 Walter F. Zahnd

Your worldview and the real world

You will see how your worldview fits the facts of the real world and how the real world has changed over the past 200 years.
Topic:  Fact checking your 
Description:  This workshop will consist of a pre-test on participants' worldview. Factual information on countries from 1800 to 2020 will be presented. It will trace the evolution of the human race for the past 200 years showing countries where they were then and where they are in 2020.  Individual families will be presented based on which of four economic levels they live on. Data will be provided on longevity and income levels.
The goal is for attendees to have factual data to update their own worldview of the world and their own country, and living  conditions in  countries they visit or  provide professional services too.
Questions to answer:

  1. Has this information helped you see the world differently?
  2. Has it provided you information to use to change your worldview?
  3. What was your most important learning from this presentation?
  4. Comments to to presenter.

 Madeleine De Little

How to transform the Coping Stances (Defences) in the Sand Tray

This presentation will use photographs of peoples work in the sand tray to illustrate how the coping stances (defences) can be transformed using Neuroscience and the Satir Model in the Sand Tray. The photographs will illustrate how:

  • We use our own energy to convey safety, love and respect (attunement)
  • We help the client access their own Life energy
  • We companion our clients on their journey of integration.
  • We use our intuition
  • We create safety
  • We use abounding tender silences
  • We facilitate the creation of  novel metaphors through creativity and play
  • We offer light energy from candles
  • We use our ability to see ourselves in past, present and future 
  • We ask the figurines process questions (of the Iceberg)
  • We invite clients to “show me don’t tell me” 
  • We facilitate enactments in the metaphor
  • We help the client access their bodily responses

There will be the opportunity for questions, bubbles and discussion. Please join Dr. De Little for this enriched experience.

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